DesignCARE third transnational meeting

A friendly and active atmosphere prevailed at the third Erasmus+ KA220 VET project transnational meeting, "DesignCARE: Communication Skills for Students of Vocational Schools for Medical Professions: Design Thinking for Participatory Medicine" held in Bacau, Romania, March 30-31.
During the meeting, associate professor Sandra Kostić, Project Coordinator, provided an overview of DesignCARE's achievements and plans for the future. The team discussed the content assessment and the creation of evaluation tools.
The partners also learned about Moodle Mod platform. Even though it is very much used by higher education institutions, especially during last few years, for online learning, the vocational levels mostly used Microsoft Classroom. They were very happy to learn and use this very useful and user friendly platform! During the meeting, project dissemination plan and course piloting in Bacau and Pula Vocational Schools were further defined. The whole team is looking forward to start the piloting - and it will be with our colleagues from Romania!


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