MedILS School in Bioinformatics

MedILS School in Bioinformatics

Part I: 21 – 25 August 2023
Part II: 16 – 20 October 2023

The international workshop “MedILS School in Bioinformatics” will be held at the Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences (MedILS) in Split, Croatia. The aim of this School is to bring together an interdisciplinary community of participants enthusiastic about science, new technologies, biology, big data analysis, and those curious to learn new things.

We will welcome 20 – 30 young researchers (master students, PhD students, postdocs), but experienced researchers are also welcome. No prior computational experience is required.

This year, the School will be divided in two parts:
  • Part I: 21 – 25 August 2023 (protein sequence and structure analysis; protein structure prediction; drug design; proteomics & metabolomics)
  • Part II: 16 – 20 October 2023 (GWAS; pharmacogenomics; transcriptomics; epigenomics; microbiome)
For more information and to register please visit
Invitation letter [PDF]

Please do not hesitate to contact us ( or if you have any questions related to the organisation of the School.

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