DesignCARE First Multiplier event

Numerous stakeholders participated in the dissemination of project results at the DesignCARE Multiplier Conference, titled "Communication Skills for Students of Vocational Schools in Medical Professions: Embracing Design Thinking for Participatory Medicine," held on September 21, 2023, in Pula. All partners participated in this multiplier event, explaining some parts of the project and showing the importance of future healthcare professionals' engagement in participatory medicine through the development of communication and diversity competence.
Dijana Majstorović, Senior Lecturer and Head of the University Study in Nursing and Associate prof. Mauro Štifanić from Juraj Dobrila University of Pula inaugurated the event and extended a warm welcome to the assembled stakeholders.
Participants gained deeper insights into the project from associate professor Sandra Kostić, the project coordinator from the University of Split. Assistant professor Branka Bernard, the founder of Fabula Movens, delivered a discourse highlighting the significance of Curriculum Design and expounded on the merits of employing Design Thinking as an effective pedagogical approach for learning, collaboration, and problem-solving.
Distinguished individuals, namely professor Davor Stanković from Fabula Movens and associate Professor Janne Sørensen from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, engaged in a substantive dialogue on two pivotal course themes: "The Significance of Communication" and "The Importance of Diversity Competence."
Ana-Maria Andrioaie, a Professor from the Mihai Eminescu Nursing School in Bacau, Romania, and Nela Kelam, a PhD student from the School of Medicine at the University of Split, shared their valuable experiences concerning the course piloting in Romania through a presentation titled "Developing and Practicing Communication Skills: Examples of Methodology and Results from the DesignCARE Course Pilot in Romania." This presentation served as a bridge between different educational contexts and provided valuable insights into the practical applications of the DesignCARE project.
Following an engaging round table discussion, participants were actively immersed in a demonstrative course session that showcased the practical aspects of the project. This interactive session was conducted using the Moodle Mod platform, offering participants a hands-on experience in exploring the various activities and assignments integral to the DesignCARE course.
The main objective of the DesignCARE project is to design, pilot, implement and evaluate teaching-learning strategies and resources for students in secondary and postsecondary medical vocational schools through the development of specialized education tools, relevant and in line with novel trends in the medical field, that will help them to engage in participatory medicine through communication and diversity competence.

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