ERASMUS + (eng)

Slikovni rezultat za erasmus plus


The Erasmus+  Programme enables students to study or work in another Programme country.

For study mobility should exist bilateral agreement between institutions: list of bilateral agreements 
Mobility periods will be granted in accordance with the duration of stay established in the bilateral agreement between the USSM and the host university. These can be checked in the list of bilateral agreements.
Students can do 1st semester, 2nd semester or full-year stays.  

Students mobility for placement enables students at higher education institutions to spend a placement traineeship/intership period in an enterprise or organisation in another participating country of Erasmus+ Programme.
Mobility for placement doesn't recquire bilateral agreement between institutions.
Placement period can be from 2 to 12 months.

Benefits for students:
  • Work placements provide an excellent opportunity to gain work experience in an international environment
  • They enhance your curriculum vitae and employability potential by providing international employment experience
  • They develop transferable skills, including communication across cultural boundaries, selfmanagement, independence, confidence, adaptability and develop linguistic skills



Study mobility

If you want to study at the USSM with the Erasmus Programme, the first step is to check if there is a bilateral agreement between your home university and USSM.
Otherwise, you cannot come as an Erasmus student, because freemover/visiting students are not accepted.

Your home university must send your nomination to International Relations Office at University of Split, via e-mail:, confirming that you have been granted the status of an Erasmus student.
After receiving your nomination, the International Relations Office will check if you can be accepted according to our bilateral agreement and will send the Application form and Learning Agreement to the USSM coordinator.
If the student is accepted, International Relations Office will send an Acceptance Letter and confirmed Learning Agreement to the student and to the student's home university.

Placement mobility

In order to apply for internship in Clinical Hospital Centre Split / USSM, students have to fulfill following requirements;
  • exams in subjects which clinical practice student wants to do must be passed
  • application for internship has to be submitted electronically by e-mail:
  • level of English language knowledge must be at least B2
Application should be consisted of:
  • CV
  • grade transcript with GPA (grade point average)
  • certificate of English language knowledge
  • application form
Summer practice is organized by our Office, so students shouldn't contact supervisors in person. 

All accepted students will get acceptance letter by email. Ispiši stranicu