Project partner USSM - University of Split School of Medicine
The exchange of knowledge, experience and innovative solutions gained through participating in SI4CARE will support USSM in the development of a more efficient healthcare system in order to achieve better health care standards for most vulnerable groups. Project outputs will be used to deepen the experts’ knowledge on the needs of the elderly and will be used as a basis for further development and improvement of innovative solutions and applications for a more efficient healthcare of the most vulnerable groups. The Project outputs and results will contribute to the fulfilment of goals and objectives of the National Health Care Strategy 2012- 2020, of the Strategy for combating poverty and social exclusion in the Republic of Croatia (2014-2020) as well as those of Social Plan of Split-Dalmatia County for the period 2015-2018. They will also serve as a solid basis for USSM's future research and development activities and projects. As WPT3 leader, USSM will coordinate the development of A.T3.3 National & Regional Action Plans. Together with all PPs and involving the Croatian Ministry of Health as ASP, it will lead the definition of common standards for a shared strategy and action plans and will be also responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of the regional action plans implemented and tested at PPs’ level. USSM will also coordinate the development of AT3.3 “From shared strategy to customized action plans (elaboration and revision)”, AT3.4 “Action Plans Monitoring and Evaluation for Policy Recommendations”. In collaboration with NZJZ SDŽ PP06, USSM will develop the Croatian pilot where they will focus on the adaptation of the existing ICT solution to connect healthcare facilities with elder patients, in order to improve the availability of healthcare services in remote areas and the quality of life for elder population in rural areas. 
Innovation for integrated health Care of ageing population in ADRION regions – SI4CARE 

Naziv projekta: Social Innovation for integrated health CARE of ageing population in ADRION Regions
Nositelj projekta: Sveučilište u Ljubljani
Partner na projektu: Sveučilište u Splitu, Medicinski fakultet
Kontakt osoba za partnera: prof. K. Vukojević
Trajanje projekta: 1.12.2020. - 31.5.2023. Ispiši stranicu