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Pismo dekanu Fakulteta s Pennsylvania State University povodom 25. godišnjice MEFST-a

Pismo dekanu Fakulteta s Pennsylvania State University  povodom 25. godišnjice MEFST-a
Dear Prof. Tonkić,
Thank you so much for your email of February 22nd, and I'm writing on behalf of the Pennsylvania State University to extend a warm congratulations to the University of Split on the occasion of your 25th anniversary this coming June. Thank you for your kind invitation to host a Penn State representative at your celebration ceremony. Unfortunately, we will be unable to attend in person. In mid-May, this university will welcome our new president, Dr Neeli Bendapudi, and the weeks that follow will be very busy indeed. It seems both institutions will be celebrating momentous occasions at the same time!
As you note in your communication, our two universities have worked together across various disciplines, and we sincerely hope that in the years to come our partnership will continue to prosper and grow further. I shared your letter with Dr. Ben Fredrick, Director of the Global Health Center in the Penn State College of Medicine. Dr Fredrick wanted me to express his appreciation and wrote that the Center for Global Health “congratulates the University of Split on the 25th anniversary of their School of Medicine. The Penn State College of Medicine has been greatly enriched through our times and work together. We are grateful for the times we shared together, both in Split and in Hershey.  While we are unable to celebrate in person, we want to express our sincere joy at this accomplishment and continue to wish great success in the next 25 years!”
Further, Dr. George Grant, the Chancellor at Penn State Berks, was grateful to receive your invitation letter and was pleased to see you remembered his colleagues Drs. Rodriguez-Mourelo and Chambers, alongside Dr. Primorac in the Eberly College of Science. Dr. Grant wanted to extend his warm congratulations to everyone at the University of Split.
While we will be unable to attend in person this June, please present this letter of congratulations on this auspicious occasion to your university administration. My office welcomes opportunities to discuss future work and to connect our two university faculties together in the months and years ahead.
With my warmest best wishes,

Roger Brindley
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