Medical studies in English

2nd year course

3th Jan 2022. - 15th Feb 2022.

Course schedule 

Course program 

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All course materials will be deposited on Merlin e-learning system.

Exam dates:
1st - exam date: 14. and 15.02.2022.
2nd - exam date:  14. and 15.07.2022. 
3rd - exam date:  05. and 06.09.2022.

IMPORTANT: The exam term has been rescheduled for Monday and Tuesday, 05. and 06.09. Written exam in Immunology starts on 05.09. at 08:30, and Medical genetics starts at 09:45. Students should gather in front of building A 15 minutes before schedule. Oral exam will be held on 05. and 06. 09., according to Departments schedule published after the written exam, on this web site. Student that have Biochemistry exam scheduled for 06.09. will have their oral exam on Monday 05.09, after written exam. 

4th - exam date: 21.09.2022.

Oral exam questions:


Medical genetics


Prof. dr. sc. Marinović Terzić, MD, Course leader, tel. 557-880, email 
Prof. dr. sc. Ivana Novak Nakir, tel. 557-880, Head of the department,  email
Prof. dr. sc. Janoš Terzić, MD, tel. 557-944, email 
Izv. prof. dr. sc. Jelena Korać Prlić, tel. 557892, email
Doc. dr. sc. Jasminka Omerović, tel. 557892, email
Doc. dr. sc. Bernarda Lozic, MD, email


Basic Immunology, Functions and Disorders of the Immune System - Abbas A.K., Lichtman A.H., 6th  edition, Saunders Elsevier, 2020. 
Medical Genetics: 
Emery's Elements of Medical Genetics – Peter D Turnpenny, Sian Ellard, 15th edition, Elsevier, 2017.
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