Naziv projekta: Protein carbonylation in ageing, health and disease
Voditelj projekta: Izv. prof. dr. sc. Ozren Polašek
Trajanje projekta: 36 mjeseci
Početak projekta: 1. lipnja 2017.
Izvor financiranja: Hrvatska zaklada za znanost

Sažetak projekta (eng):
The aim of this project is to investigate the role played by protein oxidation (carbonylation) in ageing and to identify novel biomarkers of normal and pathological ageing in humans. The project will be carried out within the 10,001 Dalmatians cohort, one of the best biomedical research resources in Croatia. The workplan includes the measurement of over a thousand different proteins and levels of their carbonylation using two-dimensional differential gel electrophoresis (2D-DIGE) in 200 healthy pre-selected subjects, and 200 subjects with known age-related diseases, which were all previously genotyped or whole-genome sequenced. In addition, we will develop a subset of fibroblast cell lines from the same subjects, enabling additional analyses in an experimental study design, and addressing pathophysiological mechanisms of skin reaction to external stressors. The use of isolated human populations exposed to similar lifestyle will facilitate understanding of the biological mechanisms of ageing, while the availability of extensive clinical, phenotypical and genetical information will enable the development of an unprecedented research resource in human ageing. The completion of project CarboNyx will have a strong potential for producing both top-level research results, as well as the identification of novel biomarkers, which will be interesting for industrial applications in health and beauty. The principal investigator is a well-known and internationally recognized expert in genetic epidemiology, with substantial project management experience and an excellent research output over the past ten years, while the extensive support of the host institution will have beneficial effect and additionally support successful project completion. Synergy with Medils, the leading private research institute on ageing in Croatia, will enable application of novel research results, and create well-sought partnership between Croatian universities and privately-owned companies. 

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