Research integrity advisor

The appointed Research integrity advisor is Prof. Ana Marušić MD, PhD.

The role of the Research Integrity (RI) Advisor is to help researchers address ethical and procedural challenges in planning and conducting their research.
RI Advisor helps doctoral students understand when and why they need ethical permission, what the rules are in the publication and dissemination of the results of research work, authorship, conflict of interest, management of research data and samples.
RI Advisor can also give advice on questionable or prejudicial research practices as well as the process of reporting violations of ethical codes or code of conduct.
The guiding principle of the RI Advisor is encouragement of good research practice rather than formal response to allegations. The role of the RI Advisor is advisory, not executive, and does not involve investigation of compliances with the rules.
Serious problems, investigations or checks should be reported to the School authorities, as specified by the official documents. These problems can be also reported via a web-form for confidential communication, where students can report potential misconduct of their supervisors or faculty members.
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