Laboratory for experimental pharmacology

Laboratory for experimental pharmacology

research in the field of basic and clinical pharmacology as well as experimental and humane pharmacology and physiology of cardiovascular apparatus.

Laboratory for experimental pharmacology

Head of research group:

Marko Grahovac, MD

Scope of group includes research in the field of basic and clinical pharmacology as well as experimental and humane pharmacology and physiology of cardiovascular apparatus.

Basic research is carried out in the pharmacological-analytical part of the Laboratory equipped for experiments on small animals and work on isolated organs, such as the heart and blood vessels, as well as analytical devices for determining the composition and antioxidant activity of various biological samples. Research are aimed to study of vasodilation, vasoconstriction, cardiomodulatory and antioxidant effects of drugs and food ingredients, with an emphasis on underlying mechanisms that can be investigated with different pharmacological tools.

In the second part of the Laboratory, equipped with devices for non-invasive hemodynamic measurements, studies are carried out on people, healthy volunteers or patients, with the aim of measuring arterial function parameters during pharmacological or some other intervention.

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