Open applications for 4 inquiry-based online-learning modules on P4 Medicine

Open applications for 4 inquiry-based online-learning modules on P4 Medicine

Dear students, 
We are happy to announce the start of the new and exciting interdisciplinary online courses created to familiarize you with the medicine of the future! Not only do engaging video lectures by expert researchers and fun assignments guarantee rapid comprehension of many innovative topics in medical research, but there are also attractive rewards awaiting the best students. 

Let us give you some more details! 

An international and interdisciplinary group of experts designed and created for you four courses covering four pillars of innovations in medicine: personalized, participatory, preventive, and predictive medicine. Courses are fully online, held on Moodle Mod and start soon!

1.2. 2021. Personalized medicine
8.3. 2021. Participatory medicine
12.4. 2021. Preventive medicine
17.5. 2021. Predictive medicine

The course will bring together about 50 students from Barcelona, Split and Zagreb, who will work together on the assignments throughout the course. After successfully finishing the online courses you will be awarded open badges ensuring that you are earning a credential you can keep, manage, collect, and share along with others to tell the full story of your achievements. The best students will have the opportunity to join exciting learning expeditions in Paris and Split where they will meet their fellow students from Split, Zagreb, and Barcelona and work together with the creators of this online program. Also, the best students will have the opportunity to participate in a conference or summer workshop in Split. Individual students will be selected to participate in the event Meet the Expert-Find a Mentor, in which students will be able to meet the experts involved in creating the PROMISE modules and thus possibly find their future mentors.
We hope that participation in these courses will open doors for you to find expert research groups you like and admire to engage in science at its best!

The registration is open to 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th year students.

REGISTRATION IS SIMPLE: send your name, study program and year of the study to Sandra Kostić ( before 30th January and you will receive access to the courses!

More information about the PROMISE project can be found here Print page