SSRR 2022

Summer School of Responsible Research: How to put the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity into practice?

When: 29 August - 2 September 2022
Where: University of Split School of Medicine, Split, Croatia

Summer School on Responsible Research (RR) is designed to provide you with knowledge and skills needed for responsible conduct of research, regardless of your research background.

SSRR takes students on a five-day immersive learning experience to build the practical skills and mindset necessary for responsible research. We start from the four principles of the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity – Reliability, Honesty, Respect, and Accountability, and take students through good research practices in a syllabus that is an innovative blend of theoretical, mindful, reflective and active practice.

This Summer School will:
• introduce you to responsible research concepts and principles of research integrity
• help you recognize the importance of science-society relationship and dimension of social responsibility
• help you understand different perspectives and approaches to responsible research
• provide you with valuable networking opportunities and exchange of experiences with researchers from different backgrounds

The SSRR is supported by the International Society for Global Health.

SSRR Programme

Location: Split, Croatia
Duration: 5 days
ECTS credits: 2
Location: University of Split School of Medicine, Šoltanska 2, 21000 Split, Croatia. In case of travel restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic, the SSRR will be held online.
Target group: PhD students.
Participation fee: €300 or the equivalent in Croatian Kunas according to the mean exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank (includes course material and coffee/lunch breaks). VAT is included in the fee.
Places are limited. Payment is due after acceptance to the School, via bank trasfer to the School of Medicine. Bank: OTP banka, Domovinskog rata 61, 21000 Split, Croatia. (BIC(SWIFT): OTPVHR2X, IBAN: HR6524070001100569322. VAT number: HR02879747067. If you need na invoice, please contact us. 
Application deadline: 22 August 2022


Prof. Ana Marušić, MD, PhD, researcher in research ethics and research integrity (RE/RI), journal editor, Research Integrity Advisor at the Doctoral School of the University of Split School of Medicine
Prof. Damir Sapunar, MD, PhD, researcher in neuroscience, education and data sharing
Lana Barać, PhD, researcher in RE/RI, Head of Research Office
Ivan Buljan, PhD, researcher in RE/RI and information translation
Antonija Mijatović, PhD, computer scientist and researcher in RE/RI
Rea Roje, mag. iur, researcher in RE/RI, certified Data Protection Officer
Jakov Matas, MD, researcher in evidence-based medicine
Marija Franka Žuljević, MD, researcher in medical humanities

9 reasons to choose SSRR in Split:
 1. Learn how to apply research integrity principles in your own research
European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity is a central document for research in the European Research Framework. Learning how to solve real-life challenges in research, you will gain important and in-demand skills for your CV.
 2. Innovative, interdisciplinary programme
Experience an innovative interdisciplinary course on responsible research, co-created by leading experts in the field and early stage researchers in order to reflect concrete practical needs in collaborative research.
 3. Learn from the best
The faculty of the SSRR includes teachers and early stage researchers from the University of Split School of Medicine, who come from different scientific backgrounds and have co-created the summer school to specifically address the needs of early stage researchers. The SSRR teachers thus offer deep subject knowledge that is relatable to researchers from different career stages and perspectives. All teachers have active  research experience from H2020 research grants, such as EnTIREVIRT2UE and SOPs4RI. They also have exceptional communication skills and passion for teaching, and some of them are certified trainers in virtue-based research integrity and ethics.
 4. Build your global network
Participants in the SSRR come from all over the world. You will be able to learn about how research integrity is addressed in different research communities, which is very important in international research collaborations and global research mobility.
 5. Get new perspectives and broaden your understanding of science
The SSRR is a place where you can debate and discuss different issues related to responsible conduct of research with teachers and students from a wide range of research backgrounds. Intensive practical approach of the SSRR and small class size makes sure that broaden your outlook and sharpen your thinking and presentation skills.
 6. Bring ideas to life
The SSRR is not a traditional school with university style lectures and seminars but a place for intensive group activities where we apply knowledge to practice: using with real world data in practical work, debate and dialogue exercises, dilemma game, role playing exercise, as well as a walkshop and an art session.
 7. Great value
SSRR is a great opportunity for an affordable international experience. The participation for this innovative 5-day school is €300, and is free for students from the University of Split School of Medicine Doctoral School.
8. Summer in Split
By choosing the SSRR, you will be coming to the best place in summer months. Split is a city on the Adriatic coast, and boasts more than 2000 years of history as a settlement. You can enjoy not only the Diocletian Palace from the Roman times, but also the surrounding islands or the hinterland and its mountains. Come before the SSRR or stay after it to explore the fascinating Adriatic coast that offers hiking, biking, water sports, great food, music and much more.
 9. Homework on the beach
The campus of the University of Split School of Medicine is within a short walk from the Split beaches. In the middle of the SSRR, we will also hold a Walkshop, where we go “off the grid” to discuss research integrity in a surrounding that is different from the SSRR classroom. The walkshop ends with a sightseeing and dinner at the Diocletian Palace in the centre of the city.

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