Counseling Services for Medical Students (CSMS)

Considering that mental health problems may be common among students, students can benefit from counseling.

Mental health affects emotional, behavioural and cognitive well-being, all of which contribute to psychological resilience during young adulthood in students. Students are often at risk for experiencing conditions such as stress, depression, anxiety or low self-esteem during education and demanding workload at the School of Medicine.

If students often experience negative emotions and/or learning difficulties, we encourage them to seek advice at the CSMS.

Students experiencing learning difficulties are also advised to seek counselling. We encourage students to seek professional counselling, in order to gain more knowledge regarding learning techniques, learning difficulties and possible solutions.

Depending on the issue, students will be directed toward an expert providing advice on learning difficulties, toward various psychotherapeutic interventions depending on mental health problem or toward a psychiatric evaluation, if necessary. Students may feel safe when attending CSMS considering that issues, concerns and all other relevant information are not to be shared, except in the case of safety concerns for a student or others.

It should be emphasized that counselling services are available in direct communication of a student with a counsellor, as well as via virtual platforms (MS Teams).

Students are advised to send an e-mail with a request for a first encounter with a counselor at:

Feel free to contact our service when searching for help with various issues during your schooling, because all students may benefit from counseling and may encounter issues that require psychological assessment or psychiatric evaluation during their education.
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