Using the Library during the COVID-19 Epidemic

Using the Library during the COVID-19 Epidemic
Considering that the maximum number of users who can stay in a certain space at the same time is determined by the total surface area of ​​the space, the Library premises will be used as follows:
  • Entrance area, with the information desk - a maximum of one user
  • Reading room - a maximum of 12 users at the same time
  • Computer classroom - a maximum of 8 users at the same time
In the Reading and Computer room only clearly marked work areas may be used in order to respect the recommended distance between persons.
Users are required to contact the librarian at the Information desk when entering the Library. The librarian will record the time of entry into the Reading or Computer room, contact information and time of leaving the Reading or Computer room. This information is needed in case of an infection in one of the users.
Users who intend to come to the Library must take care of their health status and cancel their arrival if they have a fever or other symptoms that may indicate a viral infection.
In all areas of the Library, users have to adhere to the rules of physical distancing, of 1.5 to 2 m, and general hygiene measures, carry out mandatory hand disinfection when entering the Library, and correctly cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing.
Users should handle the borrowed material correctly and must not endanger the hygiene of the material by inappropriate leafing.
After the maximum number of users in the Reading or Computer room is reached, further entries are possible only when one of the users leaves the room.
The Library premises, all surfaces and equipment will be cleaned and disinfected daily before opening and at least once during the day. In addition to regular cleaning and ventilation of the Library space, frequent disinfection of door handles, keyboards, mice, etc. will be carried out.
Borrowing and returning of books
Users should pre-order books by e-mail or telephone and pick them up at the Information desk at an appointed time.
Borrowed books are still returned by depositing them in a designated and clearly marked place (library cart) at the main entrance of the Faculty building.
Each returned book should contain the name and surname and mobile phone number (or e-mail address) of the user so that the Library staff can contact them in case of need. The necessary information, written on a piece of paper, is inserted immediately after the title page of the book.
Other services
For all other Library services we ask users to continue to use the contact by e-mail ( or by phone (557-922, 557-917) if possible.
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