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Doctoral programs @ School of Medicine in Split

If you are passionate about research, doing your  PhD is the right choice for you.
Doing a PhD at the School of Medicine in Split provides you an opportunity to carry out research in a competitive environment under supervision of our skilled mentors. You will get a broad scientific education, together with specific research skills for your field of study that will enable you to create original scientific contributions.

The School of Medicine in Split has three doctoral programs:
Biology of Neoplasms and Evicence-Based Clinical Medicine are devoted to clinical studies in medicine, and are conducted in Croatian. Translational Research in Biomedicine is a doctoral program dedicated to basic biomedical sciences and translation of research from basic to clinical sciences; this program can be conducted both in English and in Croatian.

The School of Medicine in Split has a young faculty that was mainly educated abroad, mostly in the USA. These faculty members are undertaking advanced research in several very exciting fields, and they make excellent mentors and advisors to doctoral students. The School of Medicine in Split has developed a reputation for excellence and we are looking forward to welcoming you in this friendly and challenging learning environment.
Our students receive thorough and sophisticated training in the latest research methods. Their training consists of coursework and closely supervised original research.
If you are interested in doing a PhD, we will be honored if you choose the School of Medicine in Split as your doctoral school. We are looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you!

Graduate School Documents
Graduate Studies Regulations
Regulations on University postgraduate studies and process  of earning a doctor of science degree (pdf)
Research integrity - Checklist for doctoral students and their supervisors (pdf)
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