Decision about exams

Decision about exams

Class: 003-05/20-03/0001
Reg. No.: 2181-198-01-01-20-0047

Split, 2 April 2020

Pursuant to Art. 43 of the Statute of the School of Medicine in Split and Dean’s Decision of 13 March 2020 (Class: 003-05/20-03/00097, Reg. No: 2181-202-01-01-20-0001), in conjunction with item 5 of the said Decision, and after consultations at the Special Session of the Dean's Board held by teleconference on 2 April 2020, due to the declared epidemic of COVID19 disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus, the Dean adopts the following


1. The Vice Dean for Teaching, in collaboration with the Teaching Committee, is put in charge of urgently preparing a plan for arranging the exam terms for exams which have not been held and exams which are to be held in the near future for all study programs.

2. The Teaching Committee will coordinate the dates of exams with course leaders / heads of departments and student representatives

3. Written exams will be conducted in the Merlin interface under the supervision of the Teaching Committee, with rigorous adherence to the instructions given by the Committee, which include precisely defined start/end time of the exam (with recommendation to hold exams in the afternoon hours), monitored student access (logs), randomized order of questions and answers etc.

4. Oral exams will be permitted in exceptional circumstances via videoconference (Skype or similar) in accordance with the Study Regulations (with the presence of at least three people, etc.).

5. Request submitted by the Head of Department and the Student Representative on the Exam Term Request Form which is an integral part of this Decision, requires a written consent of the Vice Dean for Teaching or the Vice Dean of the corresponding study program and of the Chair of the Teaching Committee in order to get the Dean’s approval of the examination term and the proposed manner of conducting the exam.

6. In accordance with this decision, exams may be held at the earliest on Monday, 6 April 2020.

7. This Decision shall enter into force on the day of its adoption and shall apply immediately. Print page