SSRR 2019

This Summer School will:
• introduce you to responsible research concepts
• introduce you to principles of research integrity
• help you recognize the importance of science-society relationship and dimension of social responsibility
• help you understand different perspectives and approaches to responsible research
• provide you with valuable networking opportunities and exchange of experiences with researchers from different backgrounds

WS: Art session

Summer School Programme

School programme available here

Location: Split, Croatia
Duration: 5 days (23-27 September 2019)
Target group: PhD students and young researchers, experienced researchers also welcome!

The content of the Summer School:
START Getting acquainted with responsible research concepts
ASK Putting responsible research concepts into practice, discussion of different issues related to own research
EXPERIENCE RR Walkshop focused on society and science - Split experience
PLAY Interactive classrooms
APPLY Responsible research, ideas and projects

Prof. Ana Marušić, MD, PhD, researcher in RR and journal editor, Research Integrity Advisor at the Doctoral School of the University of Split School of Medicine
Prof. Elizabeth Wager, PhD, researcher in RR and former chair of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)
Prof. Damir Sapunar, MD, PhD, researcher in education and data sharing
Prof. Darko Hren, PhD, researcher in RR and moral reasoning
Lana Barać, PhD, researcher in RR
Ivan Buljan, PhD, researcher in RR and information translation
Ružica Tokalić, MD, researcher in RR
Marin Viđak, MD, researcher in RR
Vicko Tomić, mag. soc., researcher in RR
Rea Šćepanović, mag. iur, researcher in RR

The Summer School does not charge a registration fee. The participants need to cover the cost of travel and accommodation.
Limited places are available.

Projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europskog socijalnog fonda.
Sadržaj publikacije isključiva je odgovornost Sveučilišta u Splitu, Medicinskog fakulteta

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