Information for new students

A short guide to Medical studies in English

OIB (PIN - personal identification number)
According to the national legislation, foreign nationals who study in Croatia must regulate their residence. The first step is to get an OIB number. 
In order to get the OIB, you can either:

submit the application online (see: Tax Administration website) and you can get the number via e-mail (If you want the paper confirmation, you can pick it up personally)


you can submit the following documents personally at the Tax Department (Domovinskog rata 2, 2nd floor, office no. 3, office hours: 07:30 - 14:30) where you will get your OIB immediately (there is no waiting or any additional procedure):
IMPORTANT: OIB is crucial for your registration in our educational system and you are obligated to bring it to the Office for Medical Studies in English on the introduction day. In case that you get it earlier, bring it or sned it by email it to the student office. 
Recognition of foreign qualification
Applicants who obtained their high school education abroad must have their high school diploma recognized in Croatia in order to be eligible to continue their education. Fill in the form from the Agency for Science and Higher Education and send it together with the required documents (listed in the form*, item 4, bullet 1 - for application for an undergraduate study program) to the Agency's address (given in the form). 
*the form states that you need to send "original or certified copy of the last four years of education" but it is sufficient to submit the last two years.

The Agency sends back the certificates of recognition, the original of your diploma, and the original of the translation to the address stated in your requirement. We advise you to put the address of the School (Medicinski fakultet u Splitu, Medical Studies in English, Soltanska 2, 21000 Split).

Documentation for recognition of foreign qualification can be submitted in Croatian or English, but in either case it has to be translated by an official court interpretor. If you are looking for a court interpreter in Croatia, you should search for "sudski tumač" (Croatian for court translator). 
Health Care
Prior to approving your application for temporary stay you will have to arrange your health insurance. Regulation of your Health Care Insurance status is critical for approval of your Temporary Status in Croatia by government officials. 
  • European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)Health insurance rights for students arriving from countries which are members of the European Union are covered by the EU Insurance Card.
  • Croatian Health Insurance Fund (CHIF) - insurance can be obtained from the Croatian Health Insurance Fund in Croatia (cost - 98 Euro/month).
  • Private health insurance might make you ineligible for EU Insurance Card. Be sure to verify those issues with your insurance before arriving to Split and check what is covered by your insurance if you are in a foreign country.
GP for students:
The USSM has a dedicated student health care for Medical Studies in English students where two onsite Family Medicine professionals provide basic health care for students Mon - Fri in two shifts (morning and afternoon)  Students can go there directly or can contact the doctor’s office via email or telephone (schedule and contact). If needed, the student doctor can further direct the student and write a referral for a specialist.

Dental care for students:
Free dental services are available for students (morning hours) provided by senior DMD students under the supervision of dental medicine practitioners from the ranks of the USSM teaching staff. Locations: Dental Clinc (address: A. G. Matosa 2) and Dental Academicus (University Campus, address: Cvite Fiskovica 3). Contact: +385(0)915022817

Visa and residence permit
Foreign students are required to obtain an Approval for temporary stay at the Central Police station (Address: Trg hrvatske bratske zajednice 9. Office hours: Monday-Friday, from 7.30 to 14.00.). You will need proof of enrolment which you will get from the Student Office. 

Students who need a Visa to enter Croatia are obligated to to start the procedure in their home country, prior to their arrival in Split.

NOTE: If you have Croatian citizenship, you don't have to get temporary stay permit. You have to go to the Police station with your landlord and they will register your stay in Split.
Student organization
Students have organized a group for helping potential candidates and current students. You can find more details here.

Foreign students will have to get private accommodation. There are various private agencies and student fb groups that can assist in this process. Neighbourhoods in the vicinity of the School of Medicine are: Split 3, Blatine, Trstenik, Mertojak, Žnjan, Gripe, Firule.
IMPORTANT: Make sure to sign a contract for the whole period of stay to avoid problems with accomodation during the tourist season.
Croatian citizens can apply for student dorm.

Student identity card (X card)
Student identity card (so called „iksica“) is a document that proves your student sta­tus and provides student with certain benefits such as subsidized meals at Student restaurants and cafeterias in Croatia, subsidized public transport, discounts on tickets for bus and rail transport, discounts on tickets to theatres, etc. X-card can be used only by the person to whom it was issued and it is valid until the date by which the student has a valid registration of the year/semester at the institution. Student will get the X-card in the student office within one month upon registration in the educational system (enrollment). Print page