Information for new students

Medical Studies in English Program is open to foreign citizens and Croatian citizens living abroad. 

A short guide to Medical studies in English
OIB number (personal identification number)
According to the national legislation, foreign nationals intending to study in Croatia must regulate their residence and the first step is to get an OIB number. It is required for students entitled to student X-card and to non-EU students residing in Croatia for more than 90 days for the purpose of regulation of obligatory health insurance with Croatian Institute for Health Insurance (HZZO). 
In order to get OIB number, you can submit the application online: Tax Administration website . It takes about 8 working days to get the OIB number and you have to pick it up personally at the Tax Department (address: Domovinskog rata 2, 2nd floor, office no. 3, office hours: 07:30 – 14:30):


submit the following documents personally at the Tax Department, address: Domovinskog rata 2 (2nd floor, office no. 3, office hours: 07:30 – 14:30): IMPORTANT: OIB number is a crucial information for your registration in our educational system and you are obligated to bring it to the Office for Medical Studies in English on the introduction day. In case that you got it earlier, please bring it or send it to the students´ office.
Recognition of foreign qualification
Applicants who obtained their high school education abroad must have their high school diploma recognized in Croatia in order to be eligible to enrol.
Please fill in the form from the Agency for Science and Higher Education and send it together with the required documents (listed in the form) to the Agency's address (given in the form): Request form

The Agency sends back the certificates of recognition, the original of your diploma and the original of the translation to the address stated in your requirement. We advise you to put the address of the School (Medicinski fakultet u Splitu, Medical Studies in English, Soltanska 2, 21000 Split).

As translation to Croatian language abroad can be quite expensive, you can search for an official court interpretor in Split. Search for "sudski tumač" (Croatian for court translator) in "Split, Croatia".
USSM does not have business relations with any translators, but we hope that they can provide you with quality service at a lower cost then in your home countries.
Health Care
Prior to approving your application for temporary stay you will have to arrange your health insurance. Regulation of your Health Care Insurance status is critical for approval of your Temporary Status in Croatia by government officials. For some countries passport is enough, while for some you need to obtain EU insurance.
Insurance can be obtained in Croatia as well (cost 60 Euro/month).
Health insurance rights, for students arriving from certain countries which are member of European Union (e.g. Germany), can be achieved by obtaining EU Insurance Card. Be aware, that in some circumstances private health insurance will make you ineligible for EU Insurance Card. In that case you will have to purchase health insurance from Croatian Health Insurance Agency. Be sure to verify those issues with your insurance before arriving to Split.

Visa and residence permit
Foreign students are required to obtain an Approval for temporary stay. All students must report their stay in Croatia to the Central Police Station within 72 hours upon entering Croatia. Address: Trg hrvatske bratske zajednice 9. Office hours: Monday-Friday, from 7.30 to 14.00.

All enrolled candidates who do not need a Visa to enter Croatia can start the procedure either in their home country, prior to their arrival to Split, or at the Police station in Split. Students who need a Visa to enter Croatia are obligated to to start the procedure in their home country, prior to their arrival in Split.

NOTE: If you have Croatian citizenship, you don't need to get temporary stay permit. You will just to the Police station with your landlord and they will register your stay in Split (you have to go there together)
Student organization
Students have organized a group for helping potential candidates and current students. You can find more details here.

Foreign students will have to get private accommodation. There are various private agencies and student fb groups that can assist in this process. Neighbourhoods in the vicinity of the School of Medicine are: Split 3, Blatine, Trstenik, Mertojak, Žnjan, Gripe, Firule.
IMPORTANT: Make sure to sign a contract for the whole period of stay to avoid problems with accomodation during the tourist season (starting after Easter)
Croatian citizens are permitted to apply for student housing.

Student identity card (X card)
Student identity card (so called „iksica“) is a document that proves the student sta­tus and provides a student certain benefits such as subsidized meals at Student restaurants and cafeterias all over Croatia, subsidized public transport, discounts on tickets for bus and rail transport, discounts on tickets to the cinema and theatre etc. X-card can be used only by the person to whom it was issued and it is valid until the date by when the student has a valid registration of the year/semester at the institution. Student will get X-card in the student office within one month upon registration in educational system (enrollment). Print page