Laboratory for cancer research

Laboratory for cancer research

Laboratory for cancer research

 Laboratorij za istraživanje raka

Head of the laboratory 

Prof. Janoš Terzić

Research interests
1) Our research interests are focused on understanding molecular and cellular mechanisms of colon and bladder cancer development. We use AOM/DSS based mice model for inflammation related colon cancer model, as well as BBN model for bladder cancer. In our work we use knock-out and conditional knock out mice models and we collect and study human tumor samples in order to parallel findings on animal models with actual human disorder. In addition to this, we perform basic molecular biology studies on proteins involved in cancer pathogenesis.
2) We investigate the proteins important in DNA damage repair. If mutated, damaged and malfunctioning, these proteins can lead to tumorigenesis.
3) We study the cellular process of autophagy. It is one of the protective mechanisms by which cells remove their harmful components. Given its role in removing these substances, autophagy actively slows aging, prevents tumor formation as well as has an impact on inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases. Of particular interest is its role in tumor development, since it was shown that errors in the process of autophagy often directly influence development of the disease.
Active projects

HRZZ - Regulation of receptor-mediated mitophagy in erythroid lineage cells - MitoReg
Project leader Prof. Ivana Novak Nakir PhD
HRZZ - Role of microbiota in bladder cancer development 
Project leader Prof. Janoš Terzić, MD, PhD

HRZZ - The role of Spartan in DNA replication - SprtnRep
Project leader Prof. Ivana Marinović Terzić, MD, PhD

Grad Split - DominiST - DARPin for SPRTN
Project leader Prof. Ivana Marinović Terzić, MD, PhD

HRZZ - Immunomodulatory role of mast cells and eosinophils in bladder cancer microenvironment - emBC
Project leader Assoc. Prof. Jelena Korać Prlić , PhD

Compartmentalized ErbB signaling 
Project leader: Asst. Prof. Jasminka Omerović, PhD

Finished project
HRZZ - Role of inflammation in bledder cancer pathagenesis - iBC
Project leader Prof. Janoš Terzić, MD, PhD
HRZZ - The role of autophagy receptors in selective removal of mitochondria - AutoMito
Project leader Prof. Ivana Novak Nakir, PhD
ADRIS - How does Sprtn cause liver cancer?
Project leader Prof. Janoš Terzić, MD, PhD

Group members
Janoš Terzić, Prof, PhD., group leader

Ivana Marinović Terzić, Prof, PhD.
Ivana Novak Nakir, Prof, PhD.
Jasminka Omerović, Assist. Prof, PhD.
Jelena Korać Prlić, Assoc. Prof, PhD. 
Sandra Vujević, bacc. med. lab. diag, Lab manager
Mija Marinković, PhD, postdoctoral fellow
Mateo Glumac, mag. chem., PhD student
Lucija Franković, mag. nutr. clin., PhD student
Ivana Gabela, mag.pharm.inv., doktorand, e-mail
Ana Rožić, mag.chem., PhD student e-mail
Dora Knezović, MD., PhD student

Marina Degoricija
Ejazul Hague
Mirjana Polović
Blanka Roje
Maria Bošković
Anja Batel

Photo album
Prof. Ivan Đikić, MD. PhD., Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany
Prof. Boris Maček, PhD., Proteome Center Tübingen, Germany 
Prof. Kristijan Ramadan, VMD, PhD., University of Oxford, UK
Davor Lessel, MD, PhD, University of Hamburg, Germany
Prof. Dimitri Krainc, MD, PhD., Northwestern University, Chicago, USA
Assist. Prof. Viljemka Bučević Popović, PhD ,  PMF Split, Croatia
Matilda Šprung, PhD., PMF Split, Croatia
Prof. Sergei Grivennikov, PhD., Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, USA
Jörn Dengjel, PhD, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Dr. sc. Vladimir Rogov, Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Njemačka

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