Enrollment procedure

Detailed procedure for enrollment of foreign students

Foreign students interested in enrolling TRIBE should first read carefully all the information provided on the TRIBE program web site, and then contact us for any additional questions. Your questions will be answered promptly.
There are two steps in the application and enrollment procedure for foreign students.

The first step is to apply for the TRIBE enrollment. Keep in mind the deadlines!
For the application you will need the following documents:
1. Original or a certified copy (certified by a public notary) of the foreign academic qualification
2. Proof of proficiency in English language
3. Official grade transcript in original, issued by the higher education institution
4. CV
5. Motivational letter (with detailed description of your scientific interest and plans for the thesis)
6. Proposed protocol and timeline for at least two separate, but related studies, by using the application form available here.

The second step is to apply for the academic recognition of the foreign qualification. This procedure is conducted by the University of Split and their Committee for Recognition of Foreign Higher Education Qualifications will consider it. They will receive your application and ask our School to appoint a three-member committee that will check you documents. That committee will be appointed by our School. Upon the green light from the committee you can officially enroll to TRIBE and you are TRIBE student.
For the academic recognition of the foreign qualification there are several documents that should be provided to the University (some of them are the same as we require for application to the TRIBE program):
1. Application form
2. Original or the certified copy of the foreign qualification
3. Official grade transcript issued by the higher education institution
4. Official curricula with course of study and short content of each subject (issued by higher institution or printed from official web site of institution; if the official version does not exist, write it by yourself)
5. Diploma supplement, if any
6. CV pointing out course of education and work experience
7. Certificate of citizenship (uncertified copy of the certificate or passport)
8. Proof of payment of administrative fees (400 kn; approximately 50 Euros)
    Bank account: COUNTRY: CROATIA
    ACCOUNT NAME: SVEUČILIŠTE U SPLITU, Livanjska 5, 21000 Split
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 20004837000
    IBAN: HR86 23300031100025103
9. Copy of the marriage certificate or official decision of the competent authority for those applicants who have changed their first and/or last name
10. One copy of all enclosed documents including the application form, except official curricula.

All those documents should be sent to
Sveučilište u Splitu
Ured za akademsko priznavanje
Livanjska 5/I
21000 Split

As you can see there are lots of redundancies however, this is because we are dealing with two institutions; our School and our University.
Do not be discouraged, bureaucracy is killing all of us.

Finally, upon enrollment you will need two more things: 1) to obtain OIB (Personal Identification Number) and 2) consider whether you will need a temporary stay permit.
If you plan to stay in Split for a shorter period than three months within the six month period than you do not need to apply for temporary stay permit. That kind of stay is considered as a short-term stay and it does not require temporary visa. If you are going to stay longer, than the visa can be obtained at the Croatian Consulate in your country before coming to Croatia. Much easier way is to obtain it at the Police station in Split as well (the address: Trg hrvatske bratske zajednice 9, Split). In order to get the student visa you need to bring the following documents:
- Form A1
- Two photos 3 x 3.5 cm
- Birth certificate (and photocopy)
- Valid passport (and photocopy)
- A proof that you have at least 1000 kunas per month during the year
- A proof of accommodation in Split, certified by Public Notary (in Croatian: javni bilježnik)
- Health insurance valid in Croatia for at least 3 months
- Confirmation of enrolment at a higher education institution in Croatia
- Criminal background check from your national law enforcement agency
- Letter of acceptance
The request for prolongation of your current visa has to be submitted one month before your current visa expires.
Be aware that the police station will require some information about the owner of the apartment you rent.
The requested information will include:
- His/Her Surname and Name
- His/Her Address
- His/Her mobile phone number

NOTE: All documents in a foreign language have to be translated into Croatian language by a court interpreter. You can find one here.

Finaly, if you are applying for the temporary viza than you will probably need health insurance. You can apply for medical insurance at Croatian Medical Insurance Agency (HZZO).
The address: Obala Kneza Branimia 14

You have to bring the following documentation:
- form T2 (tiskanica 2)
- the photocopy of the first page of your passport and the visa page (temporary residence permit)
- a proof of accommodation (correct address)
- a personal identification number (OIB number)
The monthly cost is approximately 405 kunas (around 60 euros)
Some EU cards are valid and you can use it in Croatia.
NOTE: Private insurances are not valid in Croatia and you are obliged to get Croatian State Insurance!

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