Mija Marinković

dr. sc. Mija Marinković, PhD

            dr. sc. Mija Marinković, mag. mol. biol. is a postdoctoral fellow in the group of prof. Ivana Novak Nakir at School of Medicine in Split since January 2015. She received her Masters diploma at Faculty of Sciences, University of Zagreb in 2013. She performed her Masters work under the supervision of prof. Ivana Novak Nakir titled «The dimerization role of mitochondrial protein Nix in mitophagy». Mija recieved her PhD title in June 2020 at School of Medicine, University of Split. 
            Mija investigates the mechanism called autophagy that is essential for removal of cellular macromolecules and organells to maintain homeostasis. Her research focus is on selective removal of mitochondria by mitophagy and the role mitophagy receptors. 

Mija Marinković, PhD, defended her PhD thesis on June 30th 2020.  Print page