Research in Biomedicine and Health I

All information about the course is available at the MERLIN e-learning platform. You will need your AAI@EduHr identity to access the platform, so visit the IT Department as soon as possible, to be ready for the course.

Using spider-web patterns to determine toxicity
Course description

Learning Materials and Daily Assignments

Test results and final course grades - available at the MERLIN e-platform.

The final mark from the course is calculated from the points for activities during the course and course quizzes (60%) and the points from the written test (40%).
0-55%     - not satisfactory/fail (1)
56-65%   - sufficient (2)
66-75%   - good (3)
76-85%   - very good (4)
86-100% - outstanding (5)

Ivan Buljan, PhD
E-mail: ivan.buljan@mefst.hr
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