Laboratory for Neurocardiology

Laboratory for Neurocardiology

Head of laboratory: Associate professor Natalija Filipović, DVM, PhD (publications)

Members of the group:

Professor Ivica Grković, MD, PhD, founder and foremer head of laboratory (publications)
Associate professor Katarina Vukojević, MD, PhD (publications)
Ivan Agnić, MD, PhD (publications)
Ana Vuica, MD, PhD (publications)
Benjamin Benzon, MD, PhD
Vana Košta, MD, PhD

Danica Boban, MD, PhD student
Marija Jurić, MD, PhD student
Ivana Šolić, MD, PhD student
Marija Vitlov Uljević, PhD student
Martina Luetić, MD, PhD student
Edita Dražić-Maras, MD, PhD student
Ivan Brdar, MD, PhD student
Marjan Urlić, MD, PhD student
Leo Jerčić, DVM, PhD student
Igor Roje, MD, PhD student
Ivan Šustić, MD, PhD student
Diana Bajo, MD, PhD student
Josipa Domazet-Bugarin, MD, PhD student
Adela Arapović, MD, PhD student
Maja Dražić, MD, PhD student

Genia Kretzschmar, MD
Maximilian Grobe, MD
Silvia Dužević, MD

Our main goal is focused on the autonomic innervation,with particular accent on cardiac innervation; in physiological, as well as in pathological conditions of myocardial ischemic injury and/or metabolic diseases.


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From the collection of microphotographs of the Laboratory:

Dopaminergic neurons in substantia nigra of rat. (G. Kretzschmar and M. Grobe)

Astrocytes (green; gfap) and microglia (red; iba1), in hippocampus of rat  (nuclei are stained blue). (G. Kretzschmar and M. Grobe)

Lipid droplets in renal proximal tubular cells, stained by Sudan-red method. (N. Filipović)

Myocardial infarction during healing. Nestin - marker for the immature cells (green), alpha smooth actin - aSMA (red), blue - nuclei. (N. Filipović)

Myocardial infarction during healing. Nestin - marker for the immature cells (green), alpha smooth actin - aSMA (red), blue - nuclei. (N. Filipović and M. Vrdoljak)

Superior cervical ganglion (SCG) of rat. Neuropeptide y (NPY) in neurons (green), calretinin in presynaptic terminals (red). (N. Filipović)

Pgp9.5 in neuronal fibres in myocardium of rat (green). (N. Filipović, M. Vrdoljak and D. Jakus)

Stellate cells in liver of rat - gfap immunoreactive (green),  nuclei are stained blue. (A. Vuica)

Neurofilament 200 kDa (red) in ventral horn of the spinal cord of the human embryo (9 weeks old)nuclei are stained blue. (N. Filipović)

PTH-receptors in membranes of rat cardiomyocytes (green)nuclei are stained blue. (N. Filipović)

Neurofilament 200 kDa (red) in trigeminal ganglion of rat. (N. Filipović)

Isolectin b4  (green) in trigeminal ganglion of rat. (M. Jerić)

CGRP (red) in neurons of trigeminal ganglion of rat. (N. Filipović)

s100 (green) in satellite cells of the rats SCG. (N. Filipović)

Choline acetyltransferase in presynaptic terminals of rats SCG (red). (N. Filipović)

NeuN in trigeminal ganglion of rat (N. Filipović)

Parasympathetic neurons in adrenal medulla of rat. In difference from the cromafine cells, they are not immunoreactive for tyrosine-hydroxylase (green), nuclei are stained blue.  (N. Filipović)

Receptors of advanced end glycation products (RAGE) in membranes of the liver cells (red), nuclei are stained blue. (N. Filipović)

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