Research group for human and experimental neurophysiology

Head of the laboratory: Maja Rogić Vidaković, Ph.D., Research Associate ( (publications)
The founder of the laboratory is Professor Vedran Deletis (deceased in 2023), internationally recognized specialist neurologist and expert in the field of intraoperative neurophysiology.
The primary goal of the members of the research group from the year of 2009. to 2013. was to develop methodologies to functionally map the motor pathway for the laryngeal muscules and to detect biomarkers (functional markers) of motor areas of the cerebral cortex for speech production (Broca region). Developed methodologies are used worldwide today for the purpose of preoperative and intraoperative functional mapping in patients in order to reduce the risks of damage to these regions during surgery.
Current interests of the members of the research group are the investigation of neurophysiological mechanisms of various diseases, such as multiple sclerosis and dystonia.
In multiple sclerosis research, clinical (neurological, radiological), neurophysiological and blood markers are combined. The goal is to reveal the potential benefit of subclinical (neurophysiological and blood markers) in monitoring disease progression and/or diagnostic benefit.
In dystonia research, the neurophysiological mechanisms of very rare focal dystonia (laryngeal dystonia, known as spasmodic dysphonia) are being studied, and the plan is to start monitoring subclinical findings of blood markers as well as genomic research.
The research group currently unites members from multidisciplinary fields (neurology, neurosurgery, otorhinolaryngology, phoniatrics, radiology, biology).
Active members of the research group:
Professor Zoran Đogaš (publications)
Professor Joško Šoda (publications)
Professor Krešimir Dolić (publications)
Professor Anita Markotić (publications)
Associate Professor Nikolina Režić Muzinić (publications)
Assistant Professor Mario Mihalj (publications)
Assistant Professor Sanda Pavelin (publications)
Assistant Professor Maja Buljubasic Šoda (publications)
Assistant Professor Benjamin Benzon (publications)
Angela Mastelić, Ph. D. (publications)
Ivana Gunjača, Ph. D. (publications)
Associate Professor Džamonja (publications)
Assistant Professor Vana Košta
Assistant Professor Ana Poljičanin (publications)
Doctoral students as members of the research group:
Braco Bošković, MD. (doctoral student)
Ana Ćurković Katić, MD. (doctoral student)
Lea Kustura, MD. (doctoral student)
Dora Vukorepa, MD. (doctoral student)
Ivan Konstantinović, MD. (doctoral student)
Antonia Bralić, MD. (doctoral student)
Ana Jerković, psychologist (doctoral student) (publications)
Irena Bilić, MSLP (maser of speech and language pathology)

Projects (active)
Investigation of subclinical markers of multiple sclerosis (Istraživanje subkliničkih markera multiple skleroze) (SUBCLIN-MS)
Lead researcher: Maja Rogić Vidaković, PhD, Research Associate
Funded: Croatian Science Foundation (Hrvatska zaklada za znanost, HRZZ) (IP-2022-10-6203)
Duration: 31.12.2023-30.12.2027
List of all projects

- Transcranial magnetic stimulator (TMS) (Nexstim, Helsinki, Finland)  

TMS in conjunction with a 3D navigation system provides an accurate and detailed map of the eloquent functions of the cerebral cortex by marking it on a standard magnetic resonance image (MRI). The use of a navigation system and a stereotactic MRI brain image combined with TMS enables precise non-invasive stimulation of the cerebral cortex. Sophisticated real-time data processing enables accurate representation of the induced electric field within the brain tissue. An electromyographic display of muscle responses is integrated into the system.
- Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation (tDCS) (Sooma tDCS) (tDCS stimulator)

Hardware, software and tests:

- VOCALGEBRA, Calibrated recording hardware, Professional software for vocal biomarkers
- Vibration stimulator (custom made)
- O'Connor Finger Dexterity Test (Model 32021) (Lafayette Instrument., USA)

- MATLAB - MathWorks
- Dysarthria analyzer, software for vocal biomarkers
- Symbol Digit Modalities Test (SDMT) 2021, USA- Smith, A. (1973). Symbol Digit Modalities Test (Manual). Torrance, CA: Western Psychological Services.
-Comprehensive Aphasia Test (CAT) - Swinburn et al. 2020. Naklada Slap
- Praat: doing phonetics by computer [Computer program]

Data analysis: MATLAB - MathWorks, Statistical packages, Praat

Information: Interested students from the Faculty of Medicine and other faculties can contact us for cooperation. We would also like to collaborate with interested researchers.  As part of our laboratory, we can also offer topics for final, diploma, master's, and doctoral theses. Print page