Prof Mladen Boban, MD, PhD
Head of Department

The responsibility of the Department is to harmonize professional and scientific activities in a way that does not interfere with the teaching as a core activity of the School of Medicine.
The inclusion of Department members from the University Hospital of Split in the teaching activities of the Department of Pharmacology will help organize and deliver the course in Pharmacology in the study programmes that comprises topics of clinical pharmacology and rational pharmacotherapy.

A significant challenge is also stimulation of scientific activities at the Clinical Pharmacology Unit of the Department of Internal Medicine, University Hospital of Split. Staff and organizational restructuring should provide favorable conditions for the implementation of clinical pharmacological studies that conform with the rank and reputation of the University Hospital Centre. With support of the School of Medicine and in agreement with the management of the University Hospital of Split, it is essential to find solutions for the elimination of administrative limitations that impede performance of clinical pharmacological studies.

"Biological effects of wine: the influence of vinification technology, dealcoholisation and aging of wine"
Principal investigator (PI): Prof Mladen Boban, Ph. D. 
Funded by: Croatian Science Foundation 
Project duration: sep 2014 - aug 2019

"VET on Wine, Health and Responsible Drinking - Art de Vivre" EU funded partnership programme
"Biological effects of the wine constituents and Mediterranean medicinal herbs" funded by Ministry of science
"Cardiovascular effects of wine and its constituents" funded by Ministry of science

Organizational units of the Department of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology are:

  • Educational Department of Pharmacology (Head: Assist Prof Ivana Mudnić)
  • Laboratory for Experimental Pharmacology (Head: Assist Prof Ivana Mudnić)

Associated orgnizational unit:

  • Department of Clinical Pharmacology at the Clinic for Internal Medicine, University Hospital of Split (Head: Jurica Nazlić, MD)
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