Laboratory for early human development

Head of Laboratory: Professor Katarina Vukojević MD, PhD

Members of the group:
Professor Mirna Saraga-Babić MD, PhD
Professor Marijan Saraga MD, PhD
Professor Ivana Bočina, PhD
Associate professor Violeta Šoljić MD, PhD
Associate professor Snježana Mardešić MD, PhD
Assistant professor Danijela Kalibović Govorko DDS, PhD
Assistant professor Darko Kero DDS, PhD
Benjamin Benzon
Ejazul Haque
Anita Racetin, Mirela Lozić, Ivana Šolić, Ivona Kosović, Marija Jurić
Mrs Marica Maretić, senior laboratory technician
Mrs Asija Miletić, laboratory technician
Gene expression in early human development
Investigations on the spatial and temporal expression of gene products- proteins involved in regulation of early human development are crucial for understanding the roles of those genes in normal development and morphogenesis of different human tissues and organs. Knowledge about their normal expression pattern detected directly in human tissues is important in revealing possible mechanisms underlying certain anomalies and diseases appearing as a consequence of disturbed human development. Our main interest is to analyze expression of pro-apoptotic, anti-apoptotic and mitotic developmental factors, intermediate filament proteins, growth factors, BMP-s and specific receptors during development of the human spinal cord, spinal ganglia, kidneys, upper and lower jaw, tooth and pituitary gland, using morphological and immunohistochemical techniques. Special emphasize is put on the pathways of differentiation of specific cell lineages from the immature cell populations. Ultrastructural characteristics of apoptotic and mitotic cells and their distribution within the developingtissues, as well as appearance of primary cilia in kidney tubules will be also analyzed. Additionally, ultrastructural and immunohistochemical characteristics of the notochord, nervous and muscular systems will be analyzed in Amphioxus and in the notochord of Ascidiae embryos. Recognition of genes participating during early human development has also important applications in clinical practice. Therefore, some anomalies and diseases resulting from disturbed temporal and spatial expression of the investigated genetic factors will be followed clinically in early childhood.
Characterization of Congenital Anomalies of the Kidney and the Urinary tract (CAKUT) candidate genes during mouse and human development -Croatian Science Fondation 
Gene expression in early human development - Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, Republic of Croatia (MZOS) project No 216-2160528-0507
Biomarkers of normal and abnormal development and associated multifactorial disorders, Croatia-Slovenia Cooperation in Science and Technology
Selected publications
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