Why scientists cheat?

Why scientists cheat? Responsible research and innovation

This course lasts for 5 days, 5 classes each day:

Day 1 - Responsible research, Misconduct case studies (2P+3V)
Day 2 - Responsible publishing, Misconduct case studies (2P+3V)
Day 3 - Open Access (2P+3V)
Day 4 - Transparency of research (2P+3V)
Day 5 - Responsible governing of research, science with and for society (2P+3V)

The course is held via the Merlin e-learning platform. 

Exam: Essay from relevant topic.

The course for the 3rd year medical students will start on Monday, 23rd of October, at 1 pm (Seminar room on the 4th floor). Print page