In the second year, the students will use the knowledge from the first year's course in a practical setting, where they will have to work on a research hypothesis, analyze and interpret the data from research and present them in a written form.

Based on concrete examples of research designs and data, students will develop the following specific competencies:
a) recognizing different study designs,
b) coding and entering data in a database,
c) testing the distribution of data,
d) statistical analysis of data,
e) choice and execution of statistical tests appropriate for study design and research question,
f) calculate clinical outcome results specific for the study design,
g) organize, synthesize and present (graphically and tabular) results of data analysis,
i) present the study and its results in oral and written presentation.

All information about the course are available in the MERLIN Moodle platform

Examples of test questions

Teaching materials
Teaching materials will be available at Merlin, the e-learning platform. Students should access the platform by using their AAI@EduHr identity (MEFST's e-mail account and the password).

Once you log in to the Merlin - change the language settings to English (uper right corner).
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