Physical Education

Schedule 2023/2024

Live exercises every week for 2 hours, in accordance with other students obligations

1st year

Start date: 28.10.2023., 12:00, sport field Mefst

2nd year

Start date: 28.10.2023., 13:30, sport field Mefst

Course leader
Hrvoje Ljubičić , proffesor of kinesiology
091 609 7979


1. Class attendance is mandatory. Students are allowed to miss up to 20% of the total course hours. 
2. If you are late for the class, please do not enter.
3. Students who are professional players in sport clubs must bring confirmation from that club and then can be exempted 50 % of PE classes.
4. Students who are not able to attend PE because of some physical-health issues must bring doctors opinion with all medical documentation. Print page