Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Welcome to Physical and Rehabilitation medicine course!
Head of the department: Prof. Tonko Vlak, MD, PhD
Course organizer:           Assistant professor Jure Aljinović, MD, PhD
This course is part of Your fifth year. Until now You have learned how to treat acute conditions and diseases but without any information what happens to the patient when he comes home. Re-habilitation and re-integration of the patient into the society after the life changing event such as myocardial infraction, cerebrovascular stroke or implantation of total endoprothesis, is crucial for his/her mental health. Also, decreasing the speed of functional impairment in the patients with chronic rheumatic, neurologic or cardiopulmonary diseases is also the rehabilitation goal of physical medicine.
We will use this course to teach You basic concepts of rehabilitation, measurement of quality of life or disease activity and functional indexes for joint motion. We will provide You with the direct contact with patients that are in need of our help.
The course will be presented in form of lectures (16 hours), seminars (12 hours), and practical clinical skills (17 hours). Attending all forms of teaching is mandatory!
The course is conducted in following locations: lectures and seminars at the School of medicine in Split- Šoltanska 2; while the Clinical practice will be held at three different locations of Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with Rheumatology ( Firule – Spinčićeva 1 , Križine- Šoltanska 1 and Toplice- Marmontova 4).

Detailed curriculum

Exam results (Intranet login required)

Exam terms are scheduled for:
1st exam term - 26.04.2019
2nd exam term - 19.07.2019
3rd exam term - 03.09.2019
4th exam term - 17.09.2019
A requirement for taking the final exam is orderly attendance to all teaching activities during the course of Physical and rehabilitation medicine. The exam is composed of written test which contains 45 questions. All questions are multiple choice questions with only one correct answer out of 5. Students have 45 minutes for completing the test. Minimum of 27 correct answers (60%) are required for passing the test. The marks correspond to the test points are as follow:
27-30 (60-69%) correct answers – sufficient (2)
31-34 (70-79%) correct answers – good (3)
35-40 (80-89%) correct answers – very good (4)
41-45 (≥ 90%) correct answers - excellent (5)
    1.  Braddom's, Physical medicine and rehabilitation 5th Ed- selected chapters
    2. "Hand-outs" of power point presentations from lectures and seminars
Teaching staff:

Prof. Tonko Vlak, PhD, MD, University of Split
Prof. Maria Gabriella Ceravolo, PhD, MD, Politecnica University of Marche, Ancona, Italy Ana Poljičanin, PhD, MD
Ass. prof. Saša Moslavac, PhD, MD Jure Aljinović, PhD, MD
Daniela Šošo, MD
Boris Bećir, MD

This is how we do practical clinical skills with our students ;-)

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