Explaining basic postulates of the modern biological science necessary for diagnostics and disease treatment and the future of medicine. Professional terminology needed for the continuous following of the modern biomedical literature will be extracted during the course. Basic cell biology, molecular biology, developmental biology and genetics with a special accent on human biology will be interpreted. Students will develop simple, practical and communication skills and understanding of basic biological processes as well as critical thinking based on the acquired knowledge on modern biological science.

Basics of molecular biology (DNA structure, replication, transcription and translation, gene expression, ribosome structure and function, posttranslation protein modification, protein breakdown, general and specific recombination, DNA analysis methods), cell biology (methods of cell research, cell evolution, structure and function of cell parts, nucleus, nucleolus, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi complex, lysosomes and peroxisomes, sorting and transfer of proteins in the cell, cytoskeleton and cell movement, bioenergetics and metabolism, cell signalling, cell communication, cell cycle, cell cycle regulation, apoptosis), developmental biology and genetics (fertilization and early embryonic development, cloning, teratogenesis, prenatal diagnosis, principles of inheritance, gene mutations, population genetics, gene therapy, molecular biology of cancer cells, human genome, chromosomes, cytogenetics).
  • Course aims: Understanding the basics of contemporary biological science on a molecular level, as per medical student's aspiration and future medical practice.
  • Course goals: To demonstrate theoretical and practical knowledge of cell structure and function, developmental biology, genetics and basic principles of molecular biology
  • Learning outcomes

Professor Tatijana Zemunik, MD, Ph.D. (
Professor Vesna Boraska Perica, Ph.D. (
Assistant Professor Ivana Gunjača, Ph.D. (
Dean Kaličanin, Ph.D. (
Jolanda Kunjašić, lab. technician

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Written exam terms:
21. 12. 2023. 15. 7. 2024.  30. 8. 2024. 
    13. 9. 2024.
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