Elective course: The Puzzle of Pain

Prof. Damir Sapunar, MD, PhD
Doc. Livia Puljak, MD, PhD

Course description - HR and EN [pdf]

Course contents:
Neurobiology of Pain
Pain and Evidence Based Medicine
Life without pain
Electrophysiology and pain
Neuropathic pain
Gate theory of pain
Modulation of pain in the brain
Imaging of pain
Visit to the Pain lab

Detailed course contents [doc]

Sources of information:
The Cochrane Library
The Cochrane Collaboration
Croatian Branch of The Cochrane collaboration
Access to full text Cochrane systematic reviews

Course schedule in 2012:
June 26, from 8 to 14:35 (seminar room and computer room 4th floor)
June 27 from 8-12:55 (seminar room 5th floor)
June 28, From 8 to 12:55) seminar room 5th floor)
June 29, From 8 to 13:45 (seminar room 5th floor)

Student assignment:
Choose one Cochrane systematic review about pain therapy and present it on the final day of the course. Please make sure that each student chooses unique topic. Print page