Clinical Rotations

Course Anesthesiology and ICU (pdf)

Course Internal Medicine

Course Obstetrics and Gynecology (pdf)

Course Pediatrics: Mother and child (pdf)

Course Surgery (pdf)

Rotation General
General Consideration (pdf)
Rotation Description (pdf)
Rotation Organization (pdf)
Rotation Program (pdf)

Rotation Evidence
Clinical Excercises Evidence (pdf)
Emergency Evidence (pdf)
Gynecology Evidence (pdf)
Internal Medicine Evidence (pdf)
Paediatrics Evidence (pdf)
Surgery Evidence (pdf)

Rotation Procedures
Anesthesia Procedures (pdf)
Gynecology Procedures (pdf)
Internal medicine Procedures (pdf)
Paediatrics Procedures (pdf)
Surgery Procedures (pdf)

Rotation Outside of Split
Confirmation Rotations (pdf)
Rotations conducted outside of Split (pdf)
Rotations Instituion Descripton (pdf)
Surgical Procedures Affilated (pdf)

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