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Academic staff memers:
Seated (from left to right): A/Prof. Irena Pintarić, Prof. Katarina Vukojević, Prof. Ivica GrkovićProf. Ana Marušić, Prof. Katarina Vilović
Standing (from left to right): Assist/Prof. Benjamin BenzonA/Prof. Natalija Filipović, Dr.Danica Boban, Dr. Mia Tranfić Duplančić

Those with their names in bold are involved in teaching anatomy in English.


Consultations are offered on Wednesdays during morning hours. Please contact a staff member you need to see and arrange a place/time for consultation. Contact details can be seen under ‘Teaching staff members’.

General objectives of Anatomy 

Teaching staff members 

Plan & program of Anatomy  

Notices for students: 


Results of the second partial written exam in anatomy (A2) are on Merlin.

Scores for each sub-component (A2-1, A2-2, and A2-3) and total A2 scores are listed separately. The A1 mark was also added and for those students who passed both components, the total score was calculated and the percentage of the written exam in addition to points for the total mark is displayed. We have checked your exam sheet several times and we do not believe that we made any mistakes but, if you think you can spot any, please send your comment/concerns to
Total scores were not calculated for those students who did not pass A1 and/or A2, or did not reach 60% in the total score. If one of the partial components of the written exam (either A1 or A2) is passed (in green), that will be treated as a ‘credit’ for the first exam term, another word just the component that is not passed will need to be attempted again in the coming exam term (19th of June).
Furthermore, scores and marks for quizzes will also be added in this report before the 1st exam term.
17 students who passed the written component of the exam will be able to sit the practical exam, which is scheduled for Wednesday, 19th June.
More information about written/practical/oral components of the exam in the first exam term, which is scheduled for Wednesday, 19th June, will be available on this web site on Monday, 17th of June.
The dissection room will be available for studying on Friday, 14th and Monday 17th of June:
Friday: seminar group 1 from 8:30am to 11am, group 2, from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm
Monday: seminar group 2 from 8:30 am to 11am, group 1, from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm

Your happy anatomy teaching staff  😊

Here is the teaching  timetable. 

A link to the web-site of Vienna Medical University where you can find fantastic brain sections is:

A link to the web-site showing good 3D brain reconstructions is:

When you open the site, click on Syllabus and in the right upper corner you will see Movie Indeks. Enjoy!

Instructions for the practical exam can be found HERE.


1. Bones and joints of the trunk                                                                    An@tomedia guide
2. Bones and joinst of shoulder and arm                                                      An@tomedia guide
3. Bones and joints of forearm and hand                                                      An@tomedia guide
4. Radiological anatomy                                                                                An@tomedia guide
5. Bones and joints of pelvis and thigh                                                          An@tomedia guide
6. Bones and joints of leg and foot                                                                An@tomedia guide
7. Skull 1                                                                                                        An@tomedia guide
8. Skull 2                                                                                                        An@tomedia guide
9. Organisation of the CNS                                                                            An@tomedia guide
10. Spinal cord and spinal nerves                                                                  An@tomedia guide
11. Brainstem and cranial nerves                                                                   An@tomedia guide
12. Cerebellum, diencephalon and central pathways in CNS                        An@tomedia guide
13. CSF, meninges and blood supply of the brain                                          An@tomedia guide
14. Introduction to cardio-vascular system and the heart                               An@tomedia guide
15. Introduction to visceral systems                                                                An@tomedia guide

16. Face and scalp                                                                                          An@tomedia guide
17. Temporal region and ear                                                                            An@tomedia guide
18. Eye, orbit, orbital region and eyeball                                                          An@tomedia guide
19. Nose                                                                                                          An@tomedia guide
20. Oral region                                                                                                  An@tomedia guide
21. Neck regions (sternocleidomastoid, posterior and lateral) and pharynx     An@tomedia guide
22. Neck regions (anterior neck region) and larynx                                          An@tomedia guide
23. Neck regions (deep neck regions) and cervical viscera                             An@tomedia guide
24. Head and neck regions (revision)                                                               An@tomedia guide

25. Upper limb regions (pectoral & scapular regions and axilla)                      An@tomedia guide
26. Upper limb regions (arm & forearm - anterior compartment)                     An@tomedia guide
27. Upper limb regions (forearm and hand)                                                     An@tomedia guide                                    
28. Thorax (viscera)                                                                                         An@tomedia guide
29. Thoracic walls                                                                                            An@temedia guide
30. Back                                                                                                           An@tomedia guide

31. Anterolateral abdominal wall and inguinal canal                                        An@tomedia guide
32. Peritoneum and mesentery                                                                        An@tomedia guide
33. Contents of the abdominal cavity                                                               An@tomedia guide
34. Retroperitoneum and posterior abdominal wall                                          An@tomedia guide
35. Pelvis: walls and viscrera, female genital organs                                       An@tomedia guide
36. Pelvic: male genital ograns and perineum                                                 An@tomedia guide
37. Lower limb regions (gluteral region and thigh)                                           An@tomedia guide
38. Lower limb regions (leg and foot)                                                               An@tomedia guide
39. Regions of the trunk                                                                                   An@tomedia guide

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