Mobile Access Dental Clinic - MADE


Limited accessibility of oral health services, lack of health promotion and effective preventive programmes are associated with poor oral health across borders. Dental caries is easily preventable but remains one of the major cross-border oral health problems. Project implementation will mitigate the negative effects of lack of systematic preventive programs and insufficient utilization of professionals, which resulted in poor epidemiological situation. The established collaboration will increase knowledge and skills of dental professionals, upgrade the involved project stockholders’ knowledge, raise public awareness and make dental health care services more accessible. The joint dental medicine training programme will enable professionals’ adaptation to increased needs and requirements for the project area’s oral care and the expansion of existing dental medicine professions’ role. Oral Health Data Tool that will enable a comparative analysis of indicators of oral health status of the population 10.000 patients will be informed and educated about the proper measures to prevent dental diseases while recording their dental status and oral health behavioral. These target groups are identified: children, university students, island and rural inhabitants, pregnant women, disabled, war veterans, oncology patients and general population. All target groups at cross border inland and islands is in need of mobile dentistry due to the financial frameworks of 3 countries health systems who do not follow the preventive requirements although actively promoting preventive oral health care services results in long-term savings of oral health care by avoiding more costly dental procedures. Joint Knowledge Centre for Oral Health will be established to improve the quality of the services in public oral health care sector across the borders as well as effectiveness, availability and accessibility of the services, among others, provided by Demo Mobile Access Dental Clinic.

Nositelj projekta: Sveučilište u Splitu, Medicinski fakultet
Voditelj projekta: prof. Z. Đogaš
Vrijednost projekta: 4.073.232,17kn
Trajanje projekta: 1.8.2020. - 31.7.2022.
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