Stipcic Ana

Stipčić Ana defended her PhD thesis at the TRIBE doctoral program on October 29, 2018.

Photo: Stipčić Ana and her mentor professor Ozren Polašek

Thesis title: The importance of socioeconomic indicators in determining health and health-related risks in Southern Croatia 
Mentor: Professor Ozren Polašek
Full text of PhD thesis: (TRIBE repository: pdf)

Doctoral thesis is based on following publications:
Stipčić A, Ćorić T, Erceg M, Mihanović F, Kolčić I, Polašek O. Socioeconomic inequalities show remarkably poor association with health and disease in Southern Croatia. Int J Public Health. 2015 May;60(4):417-26. (IF 2,617)
Miljković A, Stipčić A, Braš M, Đorđević V, Brajković L, Hayward C, Pavić A, Kolčić I, Polašek O. Is experimentally induced pain associated with socioeconomic status – Do poor people hurt more? Medical Science Monitor, 2014; 20: 1232-1238. (IF 1,894)

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