Biology of Neoplasms

„Biology of neoplasms“ is a doctoral program that integrates the knowledge of the molecular carcinogenesis, diagnosis of cancer and oncology therapies directed toward cancer research. Teachers - pathologists and their collaborators: clinicians, immunologists, molecular biologists and geneticists, biochemists, chemists and statisticians, through various courses interdisciplinary illuminate the phenomenon of occurrence, diagnosis and the treatment of tumors. The postgraduate study is based on the Bologna process principles and received accreditation by the National Comittee for High Education on 2006. According to the agreement, the holder of a joint study is the Faculty of Medicine in Split, and a collaborating institutions are the University of Split, Ruder Boskovic Institute, University of Zadar and University of Dubrovnik. In addition to teachers from Croatia, participating lecturers are from the UK, Germany and Switzerland. There are 7 obligatory and 35 elective courses.

Every two years, around 20 students who have completed medical or any of the related graduate studies are enrolled. The study is in partial or full time, depending on the individual situation of each candidate, and lasts three years (180 ECTS). Each student has a tutor that helps with an advice in the selection of courses and research. Study leaders are organizing, twice a year, an interview with all students to help each student individually on the choice of topics and mentor and later followed his/her progress. On the first year of doctoral study the share of teaching and research loads are 30:30 ECTS points, and on the second is 15:45. During several courses, students independently carry out laboratory tasks and present them with the literature. Of extracurricular activities, any published article or active participation on scientific conferences are evaluated with additional ECTS. In 2016, the assets of doctoral study finally equipped pathohistological laboratory on the 4th floor of Basic Science Building, necessary for the experimental student work.

In the period from 2007 to 2016, five generations of enrolled students were mostly part-time doctorands. Majority of them are young doctors at various clinical specializations, or at the beginning of a professional career. This is why his/her doctoral dissertation, which takes time and commitment, can not be ended in a expected period. Until now, 19 students completed their Ph.D. thesis. We do hope that in the time that follows, each one of them (the Regulations provided for a period of six years) successfully finish Ph.D. thesis. Five of BN doctoral students successfully spent a part of their studies at external universities (Harvard and Johns Hopkins in USA, Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, Charles University in Pilsen, Czech Republic and Cadarache, France).

Examples of published scientific papers of our PhD students
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