Mustapić Sanda

Sanda Mustapić defended her doctoral thesis at the TRIBE graduate program on April 5, 2013.

Photo: Sanda Mustapić and the Committee for thesis evaluation - professors Zoran Đogaš, Mirna Saraga Babić and Mladen Boban.

Doctoral thesis title: The effects of mu-opioid receptor agonists on respiratory neurons in the pre-Botzinger complex in decerebrate dogs

Full text of PhD thesis: (School's repository: pdf)

Mentor: Prof. Edward J. Zuperku, PhD

Qualifying research publications:
1) Mustapic S, Radocaj T, Sanchez A, Dogas Z, Stucke AG, Hopp FA, Stuth EA, Zuperku EJ. Clinically relevant infusion rates of mu-opioid agonist remifentanil cause bradypnea in decerebrate dogs but not via direct effects in the pre-Botzinger complex region. J Neurophysiol. 2010;103(1):409-18. (Impact factor: 3,316)
2) Prkic I, Mustapic S, Radocaj T, Stucke AG, Stuth EA, Hopp FA, Dean C, Zuperku EJ. Pontine mu-opioid receptors mediate bradypnea caused by intravenous remifentanil infusion at clinically relevant concentrations in dogs. J Neurophysiol. 2012;108(9):2430-41. (Impact factor: 3,316) 

Enrolled into TRIBE program: 2010/2011 Print page