Prkić Ivana

Prkić Ivana: defended her PhD thesis at the TRIBE doctoral program on May 11

Photo: Ivana Prkić and her committee for doctoral thesis defense

Thesis title: The effect of µ-opioidnih receptor agonists and antagonists in the pontine parabrachial nucleus on breathing patterns of decerebrate canines

Full text of PhD thesis: (MefST library repository: pdf)

Mentor: prof. Edward J. Zuperku, PhD


1) Prkic I, Mustapic S, Radocaj T, Stucke AG, Stuth EA, Hopp FA, Dean C, Zuperku EJ. Pontine  µ-opioid receptors mediate bradypnea caused by intravenous remifentanil infusions at clinically relevant concentrations in dogs. J Neurophysiol. 2012;108(9):2430-41. (Impact factor = 3.041)
2) Stucke AG, Miller JR, Prkic I, Zuperku EJ, Hopp FA, Stuth EA. Opioid-induced respiratory depression is only partially mediated by the preBotzinger complex in young and adult rabbits in vivo. Anesthesiology. 2015-Mar-6 on PubMed. (Impact factor = 6,168)

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