Markotic Filipa

Filipa Markotić defended her PhD thesis at the TRIBE doctoral program on April 16, 2018. Thesis is based on three research manuscripts from the same topic.

Photo: Filipa Markotić and mentor Livia Puljak
Thesis title: Sharing prescription analgesics: perception of risk, frequency and associated factors
Full text of PhD thesis: (TRIBE repository: pdf)
Mentor: prof Livia Puljak, MD, PhD
Doctoral thesis is based on three publications:
Markotic F, Puljak L. Risks associated with borrowing and sharing of prescription analgesics among patients observed by pain management physicians in Croatia: a qualitative study. Journal of Pain Research. 2016;9:1143-1151.  (IF 2.581)
Markotic F, Vrdoljak D, Puljiz M, Puljak L. Risk perception about medication sharing among patients: a focus group qualitative study on borrowing and lending of prescription analgesics. Journal of Pain Research. 2017;10:365-374.  (IF 2.581)
Markotic F, Jurisic D, Curkovic M, Puljiz M, Novinscak M, Bonassin M, Vrdoljak D, Vojvodic Z, Permozer Hajdarevic S, Pekez-Pavlisko T, Tomicic M, Diminic-Lisica I, Fabris Ivsic S, Nejasmic D, Miosic I, Novak I, Puljak L. Sharing of prescription analgesics among patients in family practice. Frequency and associated factors. European Journal of Pain. 2018;22(4):716-727.  (IF 3.019)
Enrolled into TRIBE program: 2017.

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