Lešin Mladen

Mladen Lešin defended his PhD thesis at the TRIBE doctoral program on July 28, 2015.

Photo: Mladen Lešin and his mentor Livia Puljak

Thesis title: Factors associated with postoperative pain and consumption of analgesics in ophthalmic surgery

Full text of PhD thesis: (TRIBE repository: pdf)

Mentor: Prof Livia Puljak, MD, PhD

Doctoral thesis is based on two research publications:
1) Lešin M, Domazet Bugarin J, Puljak L. Factors associated with postoperative pain and analgesic consumption in ophthalmic surgery: a systematic review. Survey of Ophthalmology. 2015;60(3):196-203. (Impact factor: 3,849)
2) Lešin M, Šundov ŽD, Jukić M, Puljak L. Postoperative Pain in Complex Ophthalmic Surgical Procedures: Comparing Practice with Guidelines. Pain Medicine. 2014;15(6):1036-42. (Impact factor: 2,300)
Enrolled into the TRIBE program: 2013. Print page