Maja Buljubašić

 Maja Buljubašić, dr. sc. 

     Maja Buljubašić is a member of the research team of Asst. Prof. Ivana Novak Nakir at the Department of Immunology and Medical Genetics, School of Medicine in Split. She graduated in Molecular Biology in 2005. at Division of Biology, Faculty of Science in Zagreb. From 2006. until 2015. she worked as a research assistant at Rudjer Boskovic Institute, where she completed her PhD thesis, under the supervision of Davor Zahradka, PhD. In 2012. she obtained PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the same Faculty.
     Since July 2015 she has been employed as a postdoctoral fellow at HRZZ project “The role of autophagy receptors in selective removal of mitochondria - AutoMito“. The focus of research is mitophagy, special type of autophagy, responsible for clearance of damaged or excessive mitochondria from the cell. Impairments of this process are related to different neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. Investigating the mechanisms of phosphorylation and dimerization of mitophagy receptors is important for revealing the course of disease occurence and progression, and it could enable potential manipulation of this process to fight the diseases.
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